Hertford Canal Apartment

Project Features

  • Marble bathroom with custom-made wallpaper and vanity unit.
  • Distressed glass feature wall in the bedroom.
  • Wooden flooring and new windows; underfloor heating throughout.
  • Built-in custom-made wardrobe.


 The Team

Interior Designer
Victoria Kiorsak




We collaborated with Victoria Kiorsak to undertake a project that involved a high-end renovation of a property located on Hertford Union Canal, with scenic views of a park. The client's vision was to achieve a fusion of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

Our team took on the challenge with enthusiasm, carefully selecting design elements and materials that would complement both traditional and modern aesthetics.

The use of rich textures and finishes added depth and character to the space.

In addition to the visual aspects, we also paid attention to the functionality of the space. Our team ensured that the layout of each room maximised space while also providing ease of movement and flow.

Overall, working with Victoria Kiorsak was a rewarding experience, and we were able to successfully complete a luxury refurbishment that met the client's desire for a combination of contemporary style and classic elegance.