Fitzrovia, London

A newly renovated apartment in the heart of the prestigious Fitzrovia. Once in a dilapidated state, this lower ground floor property has been completely transformed into a luxurious urban sanctuary.

Being on the lower ground floor, we recognised the paramount importance of combating potential dampness. Hence, extensive damp-proofing measures were undertaken. Using advanced technology and materials, we've ensured that the apartment is not only free from any current moisture issues but also safeguarded against future ones.

The apartment now boasts two sleek bathrooms, each fitted with stylish and durable fixtures and tiles. The brand-new kitchen offers elegant countertops, all set against a backdrop of modern cabinetry.

The flooring, an integral part of the transformation, reflects a harmonious blend of luxury and practicality. Each plank and tile was chosen to elevate the aesthetic while providing a durable surface fit for daily living.